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We sell products

We sell products to supermarkets and pharmacies in Asia-Pacific by aggregating major brands under a single account.

We present a broad range of products to major retailers and, when deemed interesting, we work together to successfully launch them in the market through either a direct sourcing model or through one of the local distributors of preference.

We sell products

What's different

  • AGGREGATED - We are a group of companies with a portfolio of 53 brands, among which 18 are Italy's no.1 in various categories.

  • ESTABLISHED - Over $2.1bn as cumulative global sell-out value.

  • CONNECTED - Commercial network of approx. 300 retailers with over 150,000 stores in Asia-Pacific.

  • EXPERIENCED - 97 successful launches across 16 markets.


for Retailers

  • ONE SOURCE - Source a multitude of brands directly from the manufacturers to your warehouse under a single vendor account.

  • BEST TERMS - Secure the lowest export prices, national exclusivity and minimal MOQ levels.

  • ETHICS - Never parallel selling, discriminatory prices, opportunistic behaviour, double standard of quality. Only reputable companies are admitted.

  • LONG-TERM - No hit and run projects. We only work on projects that can ensure long-term value for all parties.








Italy's #1 brands



global sell-out value


for Manufacturers

Does it feel like you are working more for getting less?

During the past few decades "distributor hopping" was the modus operandi for many manufacturers that kept trying their luck jumping from one overseas partner to another, without really taking the time to understand the unique dynamics that characterise the market they export their products to. The prevailing approach was: "If one distributor does not do well, let's try another one".

As the industry evolves, this approach proves more challenging. Distributors have lost their trust in manufacturers and do no longer want to take the burden of launching new brands to then see all their efforts undermined by "a change of partner". While the competition keeps growing, manufacturers are finding hard to expand their business overseas as their traditional formula seems to no longer work. Italian Coalition stepped in to disrupt the industry with a new model that reshuffles value across the supply chain and makes it easies for all parties to conduct business.

  • FAR REACH - Access 16 remote markets and 300 marketplaces with minimal efforts and an insights-based understanding.

  • ONE SHOT - Target the right marketplaces with the right products.

  • ONE ROOF - Share the costs of resources with the largest community of manufacturers in Asia-Pacific to minimise costs and stay competitive.

  • FINE-TUNE - Learn from your colleagues, avoid repeating mistakes and adjust your strategies to the local markets.

  • GET SCIENTIFIC - Engineer your sales process in the same way you engineered your production processes.

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in Singapore since 2014


Italian Coalition Pte. Ltd.
A company of The Italian Showroom Pte. Ltd (Singapore)
JV with AKUTIS GROUP (Vietnam & Thailand)

1 Fullerton Road | #02-01 One Fullerton | Singapore 049213

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